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Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation process and support specialists.

Support in all needs and steps of liquidation process. Specialists of liquidation of S.A. and Ltd companies.

  • Liquidation responsibilities
  • Liquidation process
  • Steps of Liquidation (Accounting steps and Legal steps)
  • Relevant Tax declarations and official Minutes of Board
  • Time limits and dates
  • Import issue to take care
  • Full duties and support duties
  • Relevant Laws and Official Orders, Decisions, Reports and Publications (articles 765-775 of Civil code, Law 2190/1920, Law 3190/1955, relevant articles 48 & 50 N.3190/55, article 36 par.1.N2859/00, article 107 par.2aN.2238/94, 312/29.9.2001, official advises of institute E.S.Y.L., article 47,par.1 and par.3, article 48,par.1 and 48a and 47a,par.1,case.a and c, article 48,par,1 and 48a etc


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